It was a bit of a no-brainer when it came to predicting what would be #1 at the Box Office again this weekend. Marvel Studios has been on a roll, and Iron Man 3 is continuuing to be a money-making juggernaut. The film pulled in another $72mil, bringing it’s woldwide total around $948mil. It’ll no doubt reach a Billion dollars by the end of next week.

Just in time too, as Star Trek Into Darkness opens early on Wednsday night. In the meantime, the #2 spot was grabbed up by Baz Luhrmann‘s, The Great Gatsby. With $51mil, it’s easily Luhrmann’s biggest financial success, and it bit surpring that it even brought in that much bread. I can’t wait to see it myself!

Title Weekend Total
1.  Iron Man 3 $72,472,000 $284.8
2.  The Great Gatsby 3D $51,115,000 $51.1
3.  Pain & Gain $5,000,000 $41.6
4.  42 $4,650,000 $84.7
5.  Peeples $4,850,000 $4.8
6.  Oblivion $3,900,000 $81.6
7.  The Croods $3,600,000 $173.2
8.  The Big Wedding $2,500,000 $18.2
9.  Mud
$2,343,000 $8.3
10.  Oz the Great & Powerful
$802,000 $229.9

The rest of the Top Ten rounded out with Pain & Gain contiuuing in it’s #3 spot, while The Big Wedding, Mud, and Oz the Great and Powerful took in the final 3 positions. Stay Tuned to DFAT next week, to see just what what the J. J. Abrams sequel will make!