While it was no surprise that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 would be #1 at the Box Office this weekend, it was a surprise as to just how much it was going to make. The film opened up to tepid reviews, and while I thought it was good (review here); the other half of the world didn’t share my same sentiments. They thought it suffered from too many villains, and too little a plot. I guess the non-movie reviewing audience member didn’t care too much, because the movie brought in $92mil. That brings it’s total at the Box Office to $369mil, including international revenue. Now let’s compare that to the Raimi films.

The table below provides an overview of all the Spider-Man films of the last twelve years.

Title  Year   Opening   Domestic   Global   Budget
Spider-Man  2002   $114.8   $403.7   $821.7   $139
Spider-Man 2  2004   $88.1   $373.5   $783.7   $200
Spider-Man 3  2007   $151.1   $336.5   $890.8   $258
The Amazing Spider-Man  2012   $62   $262   $752.2   $230
The Amazing Spider-Man 2  2014   $92 (est.)   n/a   n/a   $255 (est.)

So, even though it has fared far better than the first film, it’s still a bit off from what the originals did in revenue.


1. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 $92 million

2. The Other Woman $14.2 million

3. Heaven is for Real $8.7 million

4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier $7.8 million

5. Rio 2 $7.6 million

6. Brick Mansions $3.5 million

7. Divergent $2.2 million

8. The Quiet Ones $2 million

9. God’s Not Dead $1.8 million

10. The Grand Budapest Hotel $1.7 million

[/box_light] I’m not too worried though, it still has another weekend to bring in more, and I predict only a slight decrease down to $60mil for next weekend. It’s only going up against the Zak Efron and Seth Rogen film, Neighbors. It’s the following weekend that Godzilla comes out where the real competition will start.