Despite opening up to very lackluster reviews, Tomorrowland takes the #1 position at the Box Office this Weekend. The film only had a B rating on Metacritic, but that didn’t stop it from bringing in $32.2million and beating out the rest of the Top Ten. Even though it was #1, it doesn’t mean it’s a success. The film reportedly cost between $130-150million to make, and therefore; it’ll likely not make it’s money back.

Unlike the other newcomer, Poltergeist. It premiered in the fourth spot with $23million, but that’s really a win for the film. It only cost around $35million to make and it’ll likely make double that when all is said and done. Take a look at the rest of the Box Office winners below.

1. Tomorrowland $32.2 million

2. Pitch Perfect 2 $30.3 million

3. Mad Max: Fury Road $23.9 million

4. Poltergeist $23 million

5. Avengers: Age of Ultron $20.9 million

6. Hot Pursuit $3.5 million

7. Far From the Madding Crowd $2.3 million

8. Furious 7 $2.1 million

9. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 $1.8 million

10. Home $1.7 million 

Next week we have three new and big contenders premiering. Spy, Insidious 3, and Entourage are all making their debut. I’ve heard really good things about Spy and though I’m more of an Entourage fan than one of Melissa McCarthy; my money is on her. Guess you’ll just have to toon in to the next edition of Weekend Roundup to find out what happens!