A pretty upsetting weekend at the Box Office, if your last name was Smith. The M Night Shyamalan film starring Will and Jaden Smith premiered at the #3 position, raking in only $27mil. This is really dissapointing figuring it cost over $150mil to make. On the good news side, Fast 6 was #1 with another $34mil, whilst newcomer Now You See Me was #2, with $28mil. This is especially great figuring the film only cost $40mil to make.

  Title Weekend Total
1.   Fast & Furious 6 $34,540,000 $170.3
2.   Now You See Me $28,050,000 $28
3.   After Earth $27,000,000 $27
4.   Epic $16,400,000 $65.1
5.   Star Trek Into Darkness $16,400,000 $181.1
6.   The Hangover Part III $15,930,000 $88
7.   Iron Man 3 $8,006,000 $384.7
8.   The Great Gatsby $6,265,000 $128.2


The Box Office rounded off with Hangover, Iron Man, and Great Gatsby coming in the final three spots. Next week, we see the premieres of The Purge and The Internship. I’m putting my money on The Purge, but that’s only because I want to see that more. Stay Tuned for next week and find out what happens!