It wasn’t much of a surprise to see Marvel Studio‘s, Iron Man 3, at the top of the Box Office this weekend. With Robert Downey JR returning as Tony Stark, and Shane Black behind the camera; it was another winning combination that equaled Box Office gold.

Iron Man 3 pulled in $175.3mil dollars this weekend, making it the 2nd biggest opening weekend of all-time, right behind The Avengers; which brought in $207.4mil. Not one of the other movies in the Top 10 came even close to that kind of success, with Pain & Gain bringing in $7.6mil and everything else going downhill from there.

 Title Weekend Total
1.  Iron Man 3 $175,300,000 $175.3
2.  Pain and Gain $7,600,000 $33.9
3.  42 $6,210,000 $78.3
4.  Oblivion $5,800,000 $75.9
5.  The Croods $4,225,000 $178.7
6.  The Big Wedding $3,875,000 $14.2
7.  Oz the Great & Powerful $1,822,000 $228.5
8.  Scary Movie 5 $1,435,000 $29.6
9.  The Place Beyond the Pines $1,298,000 $18.6
10.  G.I. Joe: Retaliation $1,275,000 $118.7

Next week, we see the highly anticipated return of Baz Luhrmann, with The Great Gatsby. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio; who always brings in good revenue, but it’ll be interested just how much, with Iron Man hitting it’s stride. Worldwide the film has made $680mil! If it keeps up, the movie will bring in a Billion by the end of the month. Stay Tuned for more Weekend Roundup next week!