Most sites are going to give you a click-bait article saying ‘Han Solo film only earns X amount of dollars’ ‘Disney kills Star Wars for 2nd weekend in a row’. We’re not going to do that here. We really enjoyed the film as you can tell from Towelite Talk and Gourmet Scum Radio discussions. With that being said, it is a shame that the movie is tanking pretty hard despite it being a lot of fun and a great adventure flick. The movie took in another $29.9 million and has brought its total to $148 million. Obviously these numbers are pretty horrid and it doesn’t bode well for a Solo sequel.

The other debuts of the weekend were Adrift, Upgrade, and Action Point which landed in 3rd, 6th, and 9th spots respectively. The movies took in were all made for pretty cheap and earned their money back; so despite not being #1, they all did really solid. You can see the rest of the Top Ten below.

1.Solo: A Star Wars Story$29,296,000

2.Deadpool 2 $23,325,000


4.Avengers: Infinity War$10,371,000

5.Book Club$6,800,000


7.Life of the Party$3,455,000

8.Breaking In$2,815,000

9.Action Point$2,315,000


Next weekend we have the debuts of Ocean’s Eight, Hotel Artemis, and Hereditary. All three movies will likely outperform Solo and I have my money on Ocean’s Eight taking the #1 spot. Find out if I’m correct on the next edition of Weekend Roundup!