Another weekend, another mixup at the Box Office. We had three premieres this weekend and two of them did pretty great; the other, not so much. #1 was Ocean’s 8 with $41.5 million and the ensemble movie likely made back most of it’s budget in that premiere. Hereditary took the 4th position with $13 million and gave studio A24 a huge win. The low budget horror film shook audiences this weekend and the box office haul proved it. Finally, Hotel Artemis was a giant flop by only taking in $3.2 million and coming in the 8th position. Honestly, it looked pretty meh so it doesn’t surprise me.

In Worldwide Box Office news, the Jurassic World sequel has earned over $150 million internationally. It doesn’t premiere in the US until June 22nd but the movie is destroying Box Office records overseas. So…I guess we have THAT to look forward to in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, here’s the rest of the Top Ten.

  1. Ocean’s 8 – $41.5 million

  2. Solo: A Star Wars Story – $15.2 million

  3. Deadpool 2 – $13.7 million

  4. Hereditary – $13 million

  5. Avengers: Infinity War – $6.8 million

  6. Adrift – $5 million

  7. Book Club – $4.2 million

  8. Hotel Artemis – $3.2 million

  9. Upgrade – $2.2 million

  10. Life of the Party – $2.1 million

Next week we have the premieres of The Incredibles 2 and Tag. I’m already predicting those will be #1 and #2, respectively. The Incredibles sequel is already getting rave reviews and I’ve heard some rumblings that Tag is pretty enjoyable. Find out if I’m right on the next edition of Weekend Roundup.