This past weekend we all witnessed something we never knew was going to happen. We saw the doors on Jurassic Park open up again, and we saw the Colin Trevorrow-directed sequel, Jurassic World, make more money Worldwide than any other movie, ever. Domestically, the film brought in $204million, putting it right the first Avengers opening which took in $207million. Globally, the film has beat out Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2‘s total of $483.2million, by taking in $511.8million.

As you can imagine, nothing else even came close to the Dinosaur film. Last week’s winner, Spy, was in second place and it made $16million. The rest of the Top Ten trailed behind and lived off the coattails of the Jurassic World wake.

1. Jurassic World $204 million
2. Spy $16 million
3. San Andreas $11 million
4. Insidious Chapter 3 $7.3 million
5. Pitch Perfect 2 $5.9 million
6. Entourage $4.3 million
7. Mad Max: Fury Road $4.1 million
8. Avengers: Age of Ultron $3.6 million
9. Tomorrowland $3.4 million
10. Love & Mercy $1.7 million

Next week, we have Pixars return to the Big Screen in the form of Inside Out. The film is opening to rave reviews, but the big question will be: Can it top Jurassic World. Given that JW appeals to the same audience that was going to Inside Out, I have a feeling this monster of a film isn’t going anywhere for some time. Stay Tooned to the next Weekend Roundup to find out what happens!