The fight between Pixar and Universal raged big this weekend, but Jurassic World reigned supreme at the Box Office for the second week in a row. The film brought in another $102million, which is a 51% “slump” from last week’s numbers. I use that term loosely since most movies would dream to have their second weekend be over the $100million mark. Overall, Jurassic World has made over $981million, and puts it on track to reach the Billion Dollar mark faster than any other movie, ever.

Pixar’s Inside Out was a very tough contender though, as it took in $91million. The film met with fantastic reception and the earnings show. Inside Out is now the biggest original film (not based on pre-existing material) of all time. It’s also the second highest premiere for the studio, behind the $110million that Toy Story 3 brought in. The rest of the Top Ten is below.

1. Jurassic World $102 million

2. Inside Out $91 million

3. Spy $10.5 million

4. San Andreas $8.2 million

5. Dope $6 million

6. Insidious Chapter 3 $4.1 million

7. Pitch Perfect 2 $3.3 million

8. Mad Max: Fury Road $2.8 million

9. Avengers: Age of Ultron $2.7 million

10. Tomorrowland $2 million

Next week, we shall Ted 2. The original film took in $549million, so it definitely has a chance at beating out Jurassic World and Inside Out. Will it premiere at over $100million? Stay Tooned for the next edition of Weekend Roundup to find out!