Looks like Kevin Hart has another feather to fit in his cap with this weekend’s Box Office results. His sequel, Think Like a Man Too, has grossed $30 mil and took the top spot! The movie didn’t really have much competition from his fellow newcomer, Jersey Boys, as the movie opened to horrible reviews and with  $14.5 mil in sales, it had bad numbers to reflect those reviews.

The first Think Like a Man did slightly better when it premiered a few years ago, starting out at $33mil. Given that these films can’t cost too much to make, I’d say the studio still has a win on it’s hands. Last week’s winners, 22 Jump Street and How to Train a Dragon 2 took mild dips this week, but still consistent to stay in the Top 5.

Title Weekend Total
1.  Think Like A Man Too $30,000,000 $30
2.  22 Jump Street $29,000,000 $111.4
3.  How to Train Your Dragon 2 $25,300,000 $95.1
4.  Jersey Boys $13,520,000 $13.5
5.  Maleficent $13,012,000 $185.9
6.  Edge of Tomorrow $10,340,000 $75.5
7.  The Fault in Our Stars $8,600,000 $98.7
8.  X-Men: Days of Future Past $6,200,000 $216.7
9.  Chef $1,845,000 $16.9
10.  Godzilla $1,820,000 $194.9

Next week, we see the return of Michael Bay and his robots in disguise. There’s no doubt it will be #1 at the Box Office, the question is how much will it make? Bay states there’s a darker storyline and a ton of new Transformers; including the Dinobots. My prediction is at least $90 million. Find out on the next Weekend Roundup to see if I was right!