Well, it looks like Pixar has yet ANOTHER giant hit on their hands. Their 14th outing, Monsters University, has netted in more than $82mil this weekend. This not only makes it #1 at the Box Office, but it also is the biggest opening of ANY Pixar film. That isn’t much of a surprise though, what’s more shocking is the fact that the horrible looking World War Z was in 2nd place with more than $66mil. That makes WWZ Brad Pitt‘s biggest opening ever. Shocking.

Title Weekend Total
1.  Monsters University $82,000,000 $82
2.  World War Z $66,000,000 $66
3.  Man of Steel $41,215,000 $210
4.  This Is The End $13,000,000 $57.7
5.  Now You See Me $7,870,000 $94.4
6.  Fast & Furious 6 $4,725,000 $228.4
7.  The Internship $3,425,000 $38.3
8.  The Purge $3,412,000 $59.4
9  Star Trek Into Darkness $3,000,000 $216.6
10.  Iron Man 3 $2,175,000 $403.1

Next week, should be pretty interesting with The Heat and White House Down. My money’s on the Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx buddy-president film; but Melissa McCarthy’s been on a role, so we shall see. Stay Tuned next week and find out what happens here at DFAT!

If you need a Tatum/Foxx fix in the meantime, check out this great video from Jimmy Kimmel.