I’ll be honest with you, I’m a little surprised that Pixar’s, Monsters University, took the #1 position at the Box Office again this weekend. Not that the movie doesn’t deserve it, but it was going up against The Heat and White House Down; and I thought for sure one of those other two would have beat it out. I was wrong. Monsters U brought in another $46mil this weekend, putting it over $171mil domestically. Great news for the Mouse House!

monsters-university-poster-1The Heat came in a close second though, bringing in $40mil; which was probably the budget of the movie. It got solid reviews and the Sandra Bullock/Melissa McCarthy R-Rated comedy duo, seemed to draw in the audiences. This proves that, yet again, McCarthy can do no wrong.

What’s most disappointing is that White House Down came in at fourth place with only, $25mil. The budget is rumored to be around the $150mil mark, making the Roland Emmerich film, a pretty big flop.


 Title Weekend Total
1.  Monsters University $46,180,000 $171
2.  The Heat $40,000,000 $40
3.  World War Z $29,800,000 $123.7
4.  White House Down $25,700,000 $25.7
5.  Man of Steel $20,820,000 $248.6
6.  This Is The End $8,700,000 $74.6
7.  Now You See Me $5,500,000 $104.6
8.  Fast & Furious 6 $2,410,000 $233.3
9.  Star Trek Into Darkness $2,040,000 $220.5
10.  The Internship $1,425,000 $41.7

Next Week, should be interesting with the holiday weekend bringing Despicable Me 2 vs The Lone Ranger. My money is on the animated flick, only because the first one was the closest I’ve animated movie I’ve seen to Pixar in terms of storytelling, and I loved it. The Lone Ranger looks GOOD, but it could just be Pirates dressed in chaps. Stay Tuned next week, and find out!