Matt Damon and company decided to make an unnecessary sequel to the shaky-cam spy series with Jason Bourne and their silly gamble paid off. The film debuted with $60mil and surpassed Star Trek Beyond as #1 at the Box Office over the weekend. Not to say that Star Trek didn’t do well, it did nab another $24mil, but obviously audiences were clamoring for more Bourne shenanigans.

The other debuts of the weekend went to Bad Moms and Nerve, which premiered at 3rd and 5th places earning $23.4mil and $10.8mil respectively. Given that both of those movies hardly cost anything to make; I’d say it’s a win for both of them. You can see the rest of the Top Ten below.

  • Jason Bourne, $60 million

  • Star Trek Beyond, $24 million

  • Bad Moms, $23.4 million

  • The Secret Life of Pets, $18.2 million

  • Lights Out, $10.8 million

  • Ice Age: Collision Course, $10.5 million

  • Ghostbusters (2016), $9.8 million

  • Nerve, $9 million

  • Finding Dory, $4.2 million

  • The Legend of Tarzan, $2.4 million

Next week, things will get really interesting as Suicide Squad premieres and shakes up the Top Ten. The film is projected to make at least $60mil and when the reviews officially come out later on this week; I won’t be surprised if it brings in $100mil. It’s just the sorta film that Warner Bros./DC needs and given how well a more brash set of superhero worked with Deadpool, I think the studios will have a hit on their hands.

Just how much will it ACTUALLY make next week? Find out on the next edition of Weekend Roundup!