So, I was a little wrong in saying the Owen Wilson/Vince Vaughn comedy, The Internship, would take the #1 spot at the Box Office this weekend. The film only came in at #4 with $18mil. Looks like the movie didn’t have the comedic chops of their previous team-up, Wedding Crashers. Instead, The Purge, made it’s debut with a #1 spot with more than $36mil this weekend! Given that the film only cost $3mil to make, this is a HUGE Box Office success.

You don’t normally see horror films bring in that much money, and with Man of Steel coming out next week, pretty much every movie is going to fall by the way side. It’s great to see an indie horror film not only be #1, but also beat the 2nd highest grossing film of last week, Fast & Furious 6, by more than $15mil. Check below for the rest of the numbers.

Title Weekend Total
1.  The Purge $36,400,000 $36.4
2.  Fast & Furious 6 $19,800,000 $202.9
3.  Now You See Me $19,500,000 $61.3
4.  The Internship $18,100,000 $18.1
5.  Epic $12,100,000 $84.1
6.  Star Trek Into Darkness $11,700,000 $200.1
7.  After Earth $11,200,000 $46.5
8.  The Hangover III $7,380,000 $102.3
9.  Iron Man 3 $5,787,000 $394.3
10.  The Great Gatsby $4,230,000 $136.1

It’ll be a no-brainer that the Zack Snyder directed, Man of Steel, will take the top spot next week. It looks amazing, and given that Supes is the most popular superhero of all time, it’ll no doubt bring in tons of cash. Stay Tuned next week to find out just how much!


Man of Steel Official Poster Movie