I had little doubt that Suicide Squad would be #1 at the Box Office this weekend. If you take a listen to our podcasts this week, we all enjoyed ourselves with the film; despite some pretty huge flaws. The question I did have, was what kind of drop off would the film have between opening weekend and this one? Batman v Superman had a huge opening as well, but dropped down 69% the following week. Suicide Squad seems to be following in it’s predecessors’s footsteps as it takes a drop of 67% and earns $43.8mil this weekend. Overall the film has taken in $222mil; but it needs to earn at least $800mil to be deemed a success. With that kind of drop off, I’m not sure if it can achievethose numbers.

In good news, Sausage Party made it’s debut as the biggest August opening for an Animated Film with $33.6mil. The R-Rated comedy premiered in 2nd place and beat out it’s family-friendly foe of Pete’s Dragon; which only took in a modest $21.5mil. Also of note, was the premiere of Hell or High Water, which only appeared on only 32 locations, and earned a tremendous $592,000 for a per-screen average of $18,500. The film is expected to go wide next weekend and could be a serious contender for the #1 spot. The rest of the Top Ten are below.

1. Suicide Squad $43.8 million

2. Sausage Party $33.6 million

3. Pete’s Dragon $21.5 million

4. Jason Bourne $13.6 million

5. Bad Moms $11.5 million

6. The Secret Life of Pets $8.8 million

7. Star Trek Beyond $6.8 million

8. Florence Foster Jenkins $6.6 million

9. Nine Lives $3.5 million

10. Lights Out $3.2 million

Next weekend, we have the premieres of War Dogs, Ben Hur, and the stop-motion animated film, Kubo and the Two Strings. If I had to put my money down on one of these films, it would be War Dogs taking the top spot and that’s only because Jonah Hill is in it and the kids love them some Jonah Hill. Personally, I’m only really interested in seeing Kubo and the Two Strings and I hope it at least brings some people to the theatre and Laika can keep making epic films. Find out if I’m right, on the next edition of Weekend Roundup!