Another weekend and another win for Suicide Squad at the Box Office. The film brought in another $20.7mil and secured it’s spot for #1. That’s a pretty pitiful number to take the win, especially when it went up against three other films; but a win’s a win and obviously those other movies didn’t stack up against the #skwad.

The premieres of War Dogs, Kubo and the Two Strings, and Ben Hur all happened this weekend. They opened to 3, 4, and 5th spots with $14.3mil, $12.6mil, and $11.4mil respectively. War Dogs and Ben Hur also had horrible reviews, but Kubo is sitting over at Rotten Tomatoes with 96%. I was a shocked to see that it didn’t make all that much money, given all the other animated movies have been making a ton this Summer. Tis the bane of existence for stop-motion animation I guess. They look amazing, take forever to make, and then don’t make any money until they come out on DVD. Alas, the rest of the Top Ten are below.

1. Suicide Squad $20.7 million

2. Sausage Party $15.3 million

3. War Dogs $14.3 million

4. Kubo and the Two Strings $12.6 million

5. Ben-Hur $11.4 million

6. Pete’s Dragon $11.3 million

7. Bad Moms $8.1 million

8. Jason Bourne $8 million

9. The Secret Life of Pets $5.8 million

10. Florence Foster Jenkins $4.3 million

Next week, we have the premieres of Mechanic: Resurrection and Don’t Breathe. From what people are saying about the latter, I have my money on that being #1. Not that I minded the first Mechanic film, I happen to be a sucker for Jason Statham movies; but it’s one of those things where we ask ourselves “Did we really NEED this movie?” Of course, the answer is no.