In case you thought The Dark Knight would be knocked off its high horse, you have been mistaken.  For it’s 3rd week in a row, raking in more than $36m, the Nolan “Batman” movie remains grand champion.

Total Recall
 came in at second with $26m, which is only slightly better than the Original which premiered at $25.5m over 20 years ago!  You can read my review on Total Recall here, and you’d know why it had a lackluster opening.


Will Bats get a 4th weekend in a row? Highly Doubtful.  Next week marks the return of the next in the Bourne franchise, with Jeremy Renner taking over for Matt Damon in The Bourne Legacy. I think this movie looks great, and will finally give Renner his own movie and a chance to show his acting/action chops solo style.  Check out the stats below for the rest of the Top Ten and tune in next week for what will hopefully be the end of Bat’s reign at the top.

Weekend Total
1. The Dark Knight Rises $36,440,000 $354.6
2. Total Recall $26,000,000 $26
3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3 $14,700,000 $14.7
4. Ice Age 4 $8,400,000 $131.8
5. The Watch $6,350,000 $21.3
6. Ted $5,479,000 $203.4
7. Step Up Revolution $5,300,000 $21.3
8. The Amazing Spider-Man $4,300,000 $250.6
9. Brave $2,890,000 $233.3
10. Magic Mike $1,390,000 $110.8