Despite all of the critics and all of the bad mouthing on the internet, the Stephen King adapted film, The Dark Tower, debuted in 1st place this weekend at the Box Office. I personally thought it looked like a bad 90s film but that was apparently enough to put hardcore fans in the seats as the movie made $19.5 million and was able to take down Dunkirk which took the 2nd spot with $17.6 million.

The other newcomers of the weekend opened to mix results. The Halle Berry led film, Kidnap, took the 5th position in the Top Ten with $10.2 million; but the movie also cost than that to make, so it ended up being a win. Detroit, on the other hand, cost $40 million and debuted in 8th with $7.3 million. You can see the rest of the films in the Top Ten below.


1. The Dark Tower $19.5 million

2. Dunkirk $17.6 million

3. The Emoji Movie $12.4 million

4. Girls Trip $11.4 million

5. Kidnap $10.2 million

6. Spider-Man: Homecoming $8.8 million

7. Atomic Blonde $8.2 million

8. Detroit $7.3 million

9. War for the Planet of the Apes $6 million

10. Despicable Me 3 $5.3 million

Next week, the big premier is Annabelle: Creation. The film looks far superior than the first installment so I wouldn’t be surprised if it premieres in the #1 spot. There hasn’t been a good horror film since Get Out this year and it would be nice to see things get shook up. Find out what happens in the next edition of Weekend Roundup.