This week was the release of four new films to the theatre, so I knew it was going to be a battle to find out what would take the top spot at the Box Office. By a bit of a landslide, The Maze Runner came in first place with $32.5million. The YA crowd were the moviegoers this weekend, as evident by the amount of money the film made, besting the new Liam Neeson-starring film; A Walk Among The Tombstones. The latter brought in $13.1million, which I’m sure it made it’s budget back right there.

The rest of the newcomers, This Is Where I Leave You and Tusk didn’t come close to Maze Runner, though the former really tried with it’s $11.9million opening. Tusk didn’t even crack the Top Ten, but being that it only opened up to 600 theaters I’m sure it’ll make more money if it goes wide. The rest of the results are below.

1. The Maze Runner $32.5 million

2. A Walk Among The Tombstones $13.1 million

3. This Is Where I Leave You $11.9 million

4. No Good Deed $10.2 million

5. Dolphin Tale 2 $9 million

6. Guardians of the Galaxy $5.2 million

7. Let’s Be Cops $2.7 million

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $2.7 million

9. The Drop $2.1 million

10. If I Stay $1.8 million

Next week, is another couple of strong contenders from Boxtrolls and The Equalizer. Given that Denzel Washington rarely fails to deliver, my money is on him for taking the Top Spot. Boxtrolls could of course pull out a wild card, given that the young kids haven’t really had an animated film to gravitate to in quite some time.

Who do you think will take the Box Office next weekend? Sound off in the comments and Stay Tooned for the next edition of Weekend Roundup!