Finally, there’s a movie in the #1 Spot this past weekend that I wanted there! Riddick took the top of the Box Office and I couldn’t be happier. It only brought in $18.6mil, but with a reported budget of under $40mil, it’s sure to surpass Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick as the top grossing of the series.

The studios also re-released This Is The End, in an effort to push it over the $100mil mark. It brought in another $2mil and came up just a little short with it’s gross at $98.2mil. Other than that, nothing too crazy happened. The Butler kept strong in #2 and Spanish-language newcomer, Instructions Not Included, made it’s debut with $8mil.

 Title Weekend Total
1.  Riddick $18,673,000 $18.6
2.  Lee Daniels’ The Butler $8,900,000 $91.9
3.  Instructions Not Included $8,100,000 $21.3
4.  We’re the Millers $7,925,000 $123.8
5.  Planes $4,274,000 $79.2
6.  One Direction: This IS Us $4,100,000 $23.9
7.  Elysium $3,100,000 $85
8.  Blue Jasmine $2,688,000 $25.4
9.  Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters $2,500,000 $59.8
10.  The World’s End $2,302,000 $21.7

Next week, we’ll get Luc Besson’s return to American films with The Family and James Wan’s, Insidious 2. I hope both of them blow me away since I’m excited for each of them. We’ll keep you posted on what happens on the next edition of Weekend Roundup!