Holy Cats did Stephen King’s IT make a giant splash at the Box Office this weekend. The film was reported to cost around $35 million (plus marketing) and brought in $117.2 million, securing it’s position at #1 in the Top Ten. This is also a historic opening as it puts the film as the top release in September ever and the biggest horror film release ever. It also came very close to being the biggest R-rated film release but that title still belongs to Deadpool with $132.4 million.

I happened to catch the film over the weekend and it honestly deserves the accolades. It was utterly fantastic and felt like an 80s movie that just happened to have this killer clown/demon/effed up being in it. Very much Stand By Me meets Stranger Things. It was fantastic. The rest of the Top Ten didn’t fare even close to as well, as indicated below.

1. Stephen King’s IT $117.2 million

2. Home Again $9 million

3. The Hitman’s Bodyguard $4.9 million

4. Annabelle: Creation $4 milllion

5. Wind River $3.2 million

6. Leap! $2.5 million

7. Spider-Man: Homecoming $2 million

8. Dunkirk $2 million

9. Logan Lucky $1.8 million

10. The Emoji Movie $1.1 million

Next week we have the premiers of Mother! and American Assassin. The former had one of the worst trailers for a movie that I’ve ever seen and I wouldn’t be surprised if it made $1 million dollars. AA on the other hand actually looks pretty good but I don’t think either will come close to beating IT. Find out if I’m right in the next edition of Weekend Roundup!