Disney continued to destroy all of it’s competition this weekend as Finding Dory took it’s 2nd weekend at the Box Office. The filmed earned another $73.2mil and brought it’s Domestic total to $286.5mil. Who wouldn’t be surprised if we see another sequel a decade later with these sort of numbers? The success of Dory was to be expected, but Fox Studios had hoped to see bigger numbers with it’s premiere of Independence Day: Resurgence against the animated fish. The film cost around $185mil to make and premiered with $41.6mil. Now, all hope is not lost, as it still has the international market to tackle and it could make back it’s budget there. They tend to enjoy Science Fiction films more overseas than we do in the States. Look at Terminator Genisys‘ numbers to see what I mean.

The other debut this weekend was The Shallows. A shark-themed thriller which cost $17mil to make and brought in $16.7mil. I’d say that’s a huge win for the film starring Blake Lively. The same couldn’t be said for the Free State of Jones, which looked like it starred Christian Bale OR Matthew Mcconaughey; I wasn’t entirely sure from the trailers. The movie took in $7.8mil and proved that you should never ever release a period drama in the Summer. You can see the rest of the Top Ten below.

1. Finding Dory $73.2 million

2. Independence Day: Resurgence $41.6 million

3. Central Intelligence $18.4 million

4. The Shallows $16.7 million

5. Free State of Jones $7.8 million

6. The Conjuring 2 $7.7 million

7. Now You See Me 2 $5.7 million

8. X-Men: Apocalypse $2.5 million

9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows $2.4 million

10. Alice Through the Looking Glass $2.1 million

Next week, we see The BFG, Legend of Tarzan, and The Purge 3. I really could care less about the first two, despite Steven Spielberg directing the BFG. (I’ll catch it VOD and hopefully the trailers just look horrible and the movie is good.) The Purge films are fantastic and with Frank Grillo back for this threequel, I’m hoping it shakes things up at the Box Office. Will it be good enough to take the #1 spot? Find out in the next edition of Weekend Roundup.