The new releases have slowed for the year, but there are still a few new titles hitting shelves just before the Christmas holiday.

I Will Escape from Blue Label Studio

I Will Escape is the first in a series of games from Blue Label Studio. The game involves you escaping prison, using stealth and puzzle-solving abilities.

Resogun will be released for PS3 and Vita. Formerly for the PS4, it’s a first person shooter that puts you up against an evil alien force.

Sentinels of the Multiverse, a port of a card game, will be released on Steam for PC and Mac. Previously the title has only been available for iOS and Android and the studio hopes to support Linux and Steam OS soon.

We hope you’ll have some time to indulge in your digital hobbies and enjoy rest, friends and family over the next week or so.


  • I Will Escape
  • Sentinels of The Multiverse


  • Resogun (12/23)


  • Resogun (12/23)