While the new releases will be out tomorrow and a new year will, in fact, be released as well, today’s the last day of 2018.

If you’ve not taken the chance to reflect on the year in gaming, you’ve got mere hours left before you forget what year it is and have to change the date on every piece of paperwork you encounter for the next little bit. Or I’m the only one who has that problem and you can just ignore that.

But, to work we must go, so let’s get started.

As it’s the last release period of the year, there’s not much coming out that’s of much note.

The high points of 2018 for AAA were the releases of Red Dead Redemption 2 and Marvel’s Spider-Man. Both games seemed to live up to the hype leading up to them and will probably find their place on multiple Game of the Year lists for various reasons.

The indie video game scene also had a lot of great stuff to come out this year, like Stardew Valley for the Switch and adding multiplayer to the PC version. Some of my personal favorite games to come out in 2018 were Graveyard Keeper and My Time At Portia, both of which are still in Early Access and definitely worth your money (and are both discounted for the Steam Winter Sale, which ends in just a couple of days).

For mobile, I truly did enjoy playing Reigns and Reigns: Her Majesty. The games themselves came out in 2016 and 2017 respectively, but a Game of Thrones branded Reigns game came out in 2018. I recommend the experience on mobile as it’s more intuitive than the controls for PC and they’re all less than $4.

And last, but certainly not least, I recommend the Kingdom Games. While they seem incredibly simple on paper, they’re really f***ing challenging to win. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever won, though one time I think I made it 21 days. Kingdom Two Crowns came out on 12/11 with multiplayer opportunity, so it’s still a valid game for this year’s reflections.

I’m confident there are some titles that you feel were the highlight of your year, so please let me know what they are so I can find something new!

Thanks for reading this year, I’m looking forward to a new year, new releases and next week’s edition. Happy New Year everyone!

Great Cause Of The Three Kingdoms
Spray Girl
New Year Simulator
War Platform
Fatal Hour: Roadkill
Chaos Maker
the sibyl and sixpence
Enchanted Path
Super Grower
Mojack – Quest of Jackal : Puzzle game
Tekling 2
Samp RP
Blade of Acrimony
Roulette Simulator 2
Karloman and His Iced Muffins
Nya Nya Nya Girls 2
Rock Paper Scissors
Dungeon Maze
Lisa’s Memory
Laser Maze
Achievement Clicker 2020
Beyond the Sea
Blades of Worlds
Fairground 2 – The Ride Simulation
Wandering Star
Touhou KSG Story
Jewel Puzzle Click
Aim Trainer 3D
Circuit Slinger
La Rana
Mola mola
Sea Birds: End of an Age
Runa Doshin Shia
Game Master Plus
Five Day Great Escape
Proud King Yi Jian
Warz: Horde
Strange and weird museum
Slime Research
Terrible Beast from the East
Paranoia: Deliver Me
Kunoichi Botan
Aliens Don’t Exist
Archeo: Shinar
The Pepper Prince: Seasoning 1
Toddler Shooter
Chasing the Stars
Hide Your Butts
Epics of Distant Realm: Remastered Edition
Latte Stand Tycoon
The Eternal Castle Remastered
Samsara Deluxe
Xenon Valkyrie+
Don’t Sink
The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human
JCB Pioneer: Mars
Pic-a-Pix Pieces
Job the Leprechaun
Fitness Boxing
Mad Age & This Guy