We’re in the second week of 2018 (I know, it flew by quickly) and there are yet more releases. I don’t think we’ve hit our full stride, but it makes for a faster write-up so you’ll get no complaints for me, except for the lack of new stuff.

I’ll explain in a moment.

First up, we have a VR experience for fans of Blade Runner – Blade Runner 9732 is a VR tour of Deckard’s apartment, recreated in detail. There’s not really any traditional gameplay, per say, but it looks pretty cool if you’re just looking for a quick escape from reality:

Back to the “lack of new stuff” I mentioned before.

The Switch, a relatively new, but powerful new player in the game space is getting a lot of indies that have been available to other platforms for a while. The Escapists 2 is from August of 2017 (yeah, it’s a few months old) and Super Meat Boy is from 2010. It’s great that the Switch is making these titles accessible to a wider audience, and possibly new players, but if you already own these on other platforms, the only upside I can see for you is that you can now have a handheld version. But, as an aside, I’ve heard Skyrim for the Switch is amazing and worth buying, so there is that.

Finally – Namaste Virtual Yoga Retreat, while it calls to mind PC games of yesteryear (think MYST, Riven, The Journeyman Series, etc) with its graphics and inclusion of video content, seems like an interesting concept that I’d be interested in seeing more of. It’d be even more awesome in VR, I think.

I’m off to ponder that thought and consider the possibilities.

Blade Runner 9732
Bubblien Pop
Medieval Real Estate
Math RTS
Flipped On
Lily Shiroki Yuri no Otome-tachi Lisblanc
Sky Is Arrows
The Evil Party
DynamixVR: D.R.I.L.L.
Artifact Adventure Gaiden
Beach Restaurant
Cally’s Caves 4
My Coloring Book: Professions
Memento of Spring
Swords and Sandals 5 Redux
Neckbeards: Cuck Invaders
Light in the dark
Royal Tumble
Wagamama Alice to Hyakunichi Sensou
Hero Plus
A Raven Monologue
Banyu Lintar Angin: Little Storm
Deck Casters
You Will Never Get This Achievement
Wauies: The Pet Shop Game
Among the Dead
Fantasy Quest Solitaire
Ship Ahoy
Sister’s Love
Golf Extreme
Animals Memory: Birds
Transition to adulthood
G** World
I Love My Brother
Entertainment Hero
LOGistICAL: USA – Wisconsin
Chinese inn
Till the dawn, waiting
aMAZE Untouchable
Nekomew’s Potty Trouble
Sit on bottle
Heads Run
Only One
Galactic Battles
Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest
A Collection of Bad Moments
SuperTrucks Offroad
Internal Light VR
Sink or Skim
Creatio Ex Nihilo: Aition
We Walked in Darkness
Mind Twins
Super Star Panda
Talk to Saki
Captured King
Jump Stop
Mortal Manor
Snares of Ruin
Namaste Virtual Yoga Retreat
Kamikazo VR
BlackShield: Upora Story
Animals Memory: Underwater Kingdom
Stickman Race Draw

The Escapists 2
Super Meat Boy
Of Mice and Sand: Revised
Moorhuhn Knights & Castles
Energy Invasion
ACA NeoGeo: Art of Fighting 2
Arcade Archives: Crazy Climber
Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2
Jolt Family Robot Racer
Azkend 2: The World Beneath

Xbox ONE:
Albert & Otto: The Adventure Begins
Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China