Hey Towelites! Another week, another great batch of video games to come out so that you can feed your addiction. We have a pretty solid mix between PC and the consoles this week. The stand out is Wildstar, which we did a write up on them when we visited the booth at PAX EAST, and you can check that out HERE. The rest? Well, see for yourself below.



– Z (June 6th)

– Wildstar

– Murdered: Soul Suspect

– Crea

– Eve Online: Kronos

– Lifeless Planet


– Ultra Street Fight IV

– Murdered: Soul Suspect

– Kick-Ass 2


–  Murdered: Soul Suspect

PS Vita:

– Hyper Dimension Neptunia PP: Producing Perfection

Wii U:

– I’ve Got to Run

– Chubbins


– Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return

– Tomodachi Life

Xbox One:

–  Murdered: Soul Suspect

Xbox 360:

– Ultra Street Fight IV

– Kick-Ass 2