Have you figured out what you’re going as for Halloween? Me neither. But maybe I should get on that because well…we’re already halfway through October.
If you’ll be staying in for the holiday, may we recommend Party Hard Tycoon? This time, you’re trying to throw the most profitable party of all without risking the safety of your guests. Easier said than done, right? It’ll be interesting to see if this completely different type of game can bring us as much delight as its predecessor, but we’ll know on Tuesday!
South Park has returned to the video game world with South Park: The Fractured But Whole (see what they did there?). Pulling no punches and filling it with their trademark totally inappropriate humor, they tackle the afterlife and other topics in an epic Civil War between Cartman and…the rest of the kids (like normal). The game is already getting some criticism over the “Difficulty Slider” which determines how you appear but also how you interact with other characters and how much money you have. It’s probably worth noting that it is not going to be a title for the easily offended.
The second installment of Life is Strange: Before the Storm is on its second episode: Brave New World. Chloe takes on a sketchy job for money while forests burn in the distance. But is she about to destroy her own life in the process?

Well with that heavy stuff out of the way, it’s time to show you what else is coming out this week. See you in seven days!
Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth
Galaxy Blaster Code Red
Fire Emblem Warriors

Immersive Poetry
Konrad the Rocket
Packet Queen #
BELPAESE: Homecoming
3on3 FreeStyle
Hidden Object Sweet Home
Daily Run
Sontes of Rome
Maso Marble
Endless Treasure Hunt
Solar Lander
Life At Space
Girl Blonde
Golf 2D
Operation Desert Road
Case #9
SAS: Zombie Assault 4
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
The Jackbox Party Pack 4
Rogue Trooper Redux
Breadwinner VR
Mad Age And This Guy
Gil’s Lucid Dreams
Taphouse VR
Luna (Funomena)
The Man in the Cape: Special Edition
Sneaky Bears
WWE 2K18
The Talos Principle VR
Yorkshire Gubbins
Buffy Stole Your Sandwich
Beyond the Wall
The Doorbreaker
Warlock Revenge
StrainZ-1: Elimination
Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel
The Succubi Trap
A Mortician’s Tale
Freaky Awesome
Tiny Toyfare
The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone
Taima Miko Yuugi
Fox Hime
Nash Racing 2: Muscle cars
ICEBOX: Speedgunner
VR Hockey League
Urban Rivals
Battlemage Training
Home Run Solitaire
Bike Rush
Flappy Galaxy
Blackout Z: Slaughterhouse Edition
Malkyrs: Arenas of Eternity
Party Hard Tycoon
Organ Quarter
Call of War
Cities: Skylines – Green Cities
Bomber Crew
Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Episode 2; Brave New World
Skirmish Line
Campfire Cooking
Spelunker Party
Reaching for Petals: VR Edition
Achievement Hunter: Zombie
Game Machine: Arcade Casino
Maybot Run
Modern Tales: Age of Invention
Ninja Goemon and Immortal Jewels
The Cave
Cats Make You Smarter!
Oik 3
The Lost Wizard
Dungeons of Hell
The Mind of Mario
Stickman: Killer of Apples
Google Spotlight Stories: Pearl
Two Draw
Age of Empires: Definitive Edition
In The Shadows
The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk
Welcome to Hanwell
Real Farm Sim
Alpha Mike Foxtrot
Walking Heavy
Neo Angle
Spring Breeze
Swarm Queen
Pathstow Mystery VR
Magic Technology
The Princess is in Another Castle
Dead Noir the Heart
Dark Rising
Halloween: Jigsaw Puzzles
Boratium Wars
Sea of Fatness
Super Arcade Boy in Defender of Planet Earth
Cottage Garden
La Aventura De Axel
Run, my little pixel
The Merchant Memoirs
Bang Bang Fruit 2
Trivia Vault: Video Game Trivia Deluxe
Slashers: The Power Battle
Dean Daimon
Forest Escape

South Park: the Fractured But Whole
Gran Turismo Sport
The Jackbox Party Pack 4
No Heroes Allowed! VR
Rogue Trooper Redux
Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Episode 2: Brave New World
Let’s Sing 2018
Real Farm
Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden

Rogue Trooper Redux
Don’t Knock Twice
Putty Pals
Spelunker Party
The Jackbox Party Pack 4
Party Golf
The Count Lucanor
Elliot Quest
Fire Embem Warriors

Xbox ONE:
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
The Jackbox Party Pack 4
Dungeons 3
Rogue Trooper Redux
TorqueL: Physics Modified Edition
Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Episode 2: Brave New World
Real Farm