There wasn’t really any doubt that the Bourne Legacy wouldn’t be #1.  Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) is picking up steam as an actor after his role in Hurt Locker, The Town, and this years mega-blockbuster, The Avengers. Stepping into the role of Matt Damon’s tiny feet, and putting a sci-fi spin on the franchise has kept it fresh and on a rainy weekend, was just what the public needed. So there, all you Nolan fans who thought The Dark Knight Rises would break all sorts of box-office records. It did GOOD, but it’s a long ways away from a Whedon. Though, overall TDKR DID exceed $700 mil with combined domestic and foreign box office numbers; putting it well on it’s way to reach the $1 Billion mark. Other contenders for box office gold were newcomers, The Campaign, who put up a solid #2 debut with $27mil and Hope Springs that came in at #4 with 20mil.  I honestly think all of this won’t matter in 4 days when we see Expendables 2’s geriatric bad-asses come in a clean house with that I’m predicting will be a $50mil debut!

Weekend Total
1. The Bourne Legacy $40,266,000 $40.2
2. The Campaign $27,440,000 $27.4
3. The Dark Knight Rises $19,540,000 $390.1
4. Hope Springs $15,600,000 $20
5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3 $8,200,000 $30.5
6. Total Recall $8,100,000 $44.1
7. Ice Age 4 $6,750,000 $144
8. Ted $3,290,000 $209.9
9. Step Up Revolution $2,850,000 $30.1
10. The Watch $2,200,000 $31.3