We’ve been hinting at it for a while, and the time is almost upon. Yes Towelites, it’s the relaunch of the DFAT Website! We’ve come a long way in 7 months and we couldn’t have done it without our faithful readers. As we enter the next chapter in our blog’s story, we ask for you to journey along with us on this intergalactic time/space adventure we call Life!

We invite any of you who would want to take part in our continnuing steps, be it through becoming a writer, or giving us content to write about; whatever strikes you! Just email us, or Facebook, or Twitter us, and we’d be happy to have you as part of the Towelites!

Lots of new things will be coming after the launch, so as CynicNerd says, STAY TOONED!



“Travel Safe, Travel With a Towel”