So, if you haven’t seen the new Batman movie, then stop reading NOW. Still here, OK. This is pretty much EXACTLY how I’d imagine Nightwing would look in the Nolan-verse.  And though I give a lot of props to John Blake for this figure, I hope to NEVER see this in the flesh.  Give me the comic Nightwing, give me the comic Batman, and let Nolan’s version become a mere memory.  Below is a quote from the ambitious creator though. Good work!

Also, if you MUST HAVE this figure you can pick him up at Ebay for a mere $140 dollars.

“John Blake modified a spare Batman suit for his liking, but wanted to wear as little of a mask as possible. Lucius Fox developed a pair of sonar goggles specially for Blake, modified from a pair of spy goggles worn by Selina Kyle. After some training and preparation, Blake took some of his old police night sticks, strapped them to his side, and fought to protect Gotham City from criminals as the vigilante hero, Nightwing! […] He’s made using the body of a Movie Masters Dark Knight RisesBatman, the head from a MM John Blake, the goggles from a MM Catwoman, and the belt, holster, and night sticks from a Marvel Legends movie Daredevil”


story via Mint Conditions Customs