Reviews are universal, ubiquitous, and just like opinions, everyone has them. You might not feel like a reviewer, but you are. When your buddy asks you ‘So… what did you think?’ at the end of a movie going experience, whatever you say from then on is your review. Our human brains are wired for this, we’re used to categorizing information and dictate its value. This helped us understand what items to return to, what would help our survival, where the best sources of food were when we were hunting and foraging creatures.

Now, we’re able to discuss the finer points of what a color scheme meant in a certain scene of a movie. This is perhaps a less practical perspective, but no less important. We enjoy dissecting and assigning judgment to the things we experience or use. Thankfully, the internet has given us a resource to do so.

Whether you want to review Foxy Bingo, the latest blockbuster you’ve seen, or a food supplement, there’ll always be a community where you can share your opinion, and if you’re lucky it could prove lucrative.


YouTube is probably the de facto most popular place to share an opinion these days. Whether you decide to produce run-of-the-mill vlogs, or actually go in depth with your video editing, you can be guaranteed there’ll be an audience for anything. It’s instructive to see for yourself. Searching on YouTube for any product or service, such as beer or landscape gardening services, you’ll be certain to find someone testing them all and giving a semi-professional opinion on it.

Why not get in on the action? You might even be able to squeeze money hosting YouTube advertisements on your channel. The more views you get, the more money you’ll receive. If you gain a large following, you might even be able to set up a crowdfunding Patreon account to help support the channel and make it a full-time gig.


Amazon has some of the more honest product reviews out there because they’re aimed at instructing the buying habits of other Amazon users. For the higher priced items, you’re likely to find in-depth articles with a well-formatted writing structure. This can often be more helpful than checking forums online, because people have had to publicly state their opinion from the account they use to buy things, and people aren’t necessarily happy giving faulty or pretend information when their name is tied to what they’re posting from.

Your Own Blog

Why not run your own blog? The advertisement opportunities also function well here, you won’t have a character limit, and you can design the layout exactly how you like it. Writing over a course of years can serve as an online journal where people can really get a sense of history about how your taste has developed.

Whatever platform you decide to share your idea through, you can be sure that people with either agree with you or challenge your ideas. It’s always worth participating in a healthy debate like this when you’re able to, as you might find out about something new you’ll cherish. On the flip side, someone might cherish your ideas. It’s the sharing that counts.