The CW’s  adaptation, of DC Comics character Green Arrow, is right around the corner.  Arrow is of course introducing Ollie and Dinah, but which other DC characters do you think will making guest appearances, or become recurring characters?  The Huntress has been recently added to the cast for a multi-episode arc. EW reports that the role has just been filled: The Huntress will be played by actress Jessica De Gouw (Underbelly). This would play in very well for any “Birds of Prey” story-arcs. Where’s Barbara? Rumors also say that sidekick Speedy, aka Roy Harper may be a contender. AND who will John Barrowman be playing?  Here’s a quote from the show’s producer, Andrew Kriesberg:

“I think we are fans of the comic and we are fans of the rich heritage and legacy of the comic. I think you’ll find that there’s going to be more of the Green Arrow lore from the comics in the show than even hardcore Green Arrow fans aren’t going to believe. He’s choosing his nouns and his verbs very carefully. Stay tuned. There’s the reference to Speedy in the pilot.”

We can only hope, but at least we know that the CW understands that the more famous faces you show, the better the response is. Who doesn’t want to watch Roy Harper deal with his heroin addiction on syndicated television?!
Arrow is supposedly taking the “crime show” angle predominantly over the “superhero show” one, but with characters like Black Canary, Deathstroke, and Deadshot showing up, we will see how long it takes before the line starts to blur. Arrow starts Wednesday, October 1oth on the CW.

VIA: Comicbook Movie; EW