Updates from the Superman reboot film Man of Steel have been far and between and everyone involved have been pretty mum, but recently Zach Snyder has opened up to Hero Complex about the comparison of the old movies versus his new vision of the iconic superhero:

It’s a more serious version of Superman. It’s not like a heart attack. We took the mythology seriously. We take him as a character seriously. I believe the movie would appeal to anyone. I think that you’re going to see a Superman you’ve never seen before. We approached it as though no other films had been made. He’s the king-daddy. Honestly that’s why I wanted to do it. I’m interested in Superman because he’s the father of all superheroes. He’s this amazing ambassador for all superheroes. What was it about him that cracked the code that made pop culture embrace this other mythology? What we‘ve made as a film not only examines that but is also an amazing adventure story. It’s been an honor to work on. As a comic book fan, Superman is like the Rosetta Stone of all superheroes. I wanted to be sure the movie treated it respectfully.

And of course people love to start talking about sequel movies even before the first installment comes out, Digital Spy spoke with Amy Adams who plays Lois Lane about the possibilities of her returning for part two:

“I would be more than happy to jump onto a sequel but you’ve got to, what’s the saying, don’t put the cart before the horse? Don’t count your chickens before they hatch,” she answered. “I always take things one day at a time.”

Finally today here is an interview courtesy of VH1 with General Zod, aka Michael Shannon, be warned it contains some disappointing news for Superman fans.

Man of Steel flies into theaters June 14th, 2013!

Stay tooned 😛


Via: ComicBookMovie.com and ComicVine