Douglas Adams once said that he loved deadlines. He liked the whooshing noise they made as they flew by. If he were alive today, he may still not be good at meeting deadlines, but there would probably be an app to help remind him of his future obligations. There seems to be an app for everything now. There is an app that claims that it can detect ghosts in the vicinity of your device and another that allows you to catalogue all of the locations in the world where you have defecated. Why such a thing would be a desirable record to keep will likely remain a mystery to most people. Perhaps the most egregiously unnecessary app was one which has now been banned. Called ‘I Am Rich’, it cost $999.99 and served no purpose besides proving that you are rich (or else just stupid). It is thought that eight people actually bought it. What these apps prove is that apps, as a category, are incredibly diverse. They are popular and can be profitable too. With the possibilities practically endless, the allure of authoring an app increases. Who knows, if you have the next big idea, it might just make you rich. Here a few reasons to consider trying it:

Just as a business proposal, apps have a lot going for them. Most people have devices where they can access apps and if they do, those people are sure to have many on their phone. Secondly, apps are quite easy to code. It may not seem like it would be easy to someone who doesn’t know the first thing about writing code but children have done it in the past. Whether their idea was just as good as their execution of it is a different matter. Thirdly, the income revenues are quite clear. Either you charge a small fee and offer in-app purchases, or you invite advertisers to use your platform to find new customers. An app developer can help with this.

If you like the idea of creating your own app, you might want to consider creating a game app. Of all of the apps that have become part of the fabric of collective consciousness, it must be games that have had the greatest impact. It is difficult to take a train or a bus now without spotting someone playing Candy Crush for instance. Although the hype has died down a little now, the attention that Pokemon Go received was immense. It really did change the world. If you want to be the next person to have such a similarly impressive impact, check out these tips for a successful game app.

It is not just games that have changed the way we live though. Apps such as Snapchat and Whatsapp have had profound effects on the way we communicate and have fostered what some are considering to be a new language. If you think you know how people should start talking in the future, then what are you waiting for? Start learning to code now!