There’s been some new Turtles news swimming around the Lego Mill.  Apparantly Lego is going to be unveiling some new Turtles-themed keychains to retailers next year. As you know, with great keychains, come great Legos! We have news below from a source in the Lego Users Group.

According to chongcheng from LUGSing:

“No evidence to show as yet. But a staff of a local LEGO Specialty shops say the TMNT keychains will be coming soon. Knowing LEGO, if the keychains are available, there are going to be sets. And there are going to be ninja turtles minifigs. Understand TMNT is under Nickelodeon (which LEGO already has worked with for Spongbob Squarepants), so the whole idea isn’t exactly far fetched”.

What would Lego Turtles even look like? Would that mean a new Lego Turtles Video Game??? Would Corey Feldman do the voice of Donatello!? Too much to think about. We shall keep you posted here at DFAT as the news comes in!

Thanks to BrickUltra for providing the source and the Cuusoo project by KeTi for providing an example image.