After the loss of the Edgar Wright from the Ant-Man director’s chair, progress on this obscure Marvel Studios film seemed to hit a wall! But now that the studio has announced that Peyton Reed will be taking over it looks like the project can move forward once again. This means more announcements on cast! The latest news on the movie is surrounding its villain and who will be going up against Paul Rudd‘s Ant-Man in the film. 

Darren Cross vs Ant ManRumor has it that Marvel Studios is looking at making tech-villain Darren Cross the main bad guy! In the comics, Cross runs Cross Technological Enterprises, a company that competes with both Stark Industries and Oscorp. An actor has not been assigned to the role as of yet, but it is down to Corey Stoll and Patrick Wilson. It is also being rumored that Cross’s cousin, William Cross, may play a part in the film as well, so we may see the villain Crossfire show up at some point as well. This bodes well for Hawkeye fans, as we may eventually see this character take more of a front and center roll. Maybe a West Coast Avengers film, or the intro of Mockingbird! Who knows?! 

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