The new season of Game of Thrones is right around the corner and Dark Horse has all of your Westeros collecting needs covered! From premium statues, to glassware, accessories, and more, Dark Horse has solidified their place in the collectible business.  You may already be aware of their amazing statues that are produced by Gentle Giant, but be on the look out for the next in the series. Check out the next wave from this popular line that includes: Joffrey, Brienne, Hodor and Bran, Tywin Lannister, and the Little Finger!

If their smaller statues aren’t big enough for your shelves, check out these premium ones based on the two of the most badass women on the show. First up we have the spectacular Brienne of Tarth, which is similar to the smaller scale version but on a much larger scale. The gem of the entire booth is definitely their beautifully crazy (as in you would be crazy not to want this one) Daenerys and her dragon, Drogon. Both statues are also done by the talented folks over at Gentle Giant. Feast your eyes on these beauties!

If you want to accessorize your house with Game of Thrones items, Dark Horse produces glassware, beer steins, playing cards, shot glasses, basically anything that GOT fans would want to max out their patronage of the hit series!

Of course Game of Thrones isn’t the only license Dark Horse has their hands on! The Legend of Zelda has proved to be very popular for them. Following up their Twilight Princess statues, comes two more based on the hit Nintendo game Skyward Sword! Any fan of Link would run the gauntlet of Hyrule to earn enough rupees in order to buy one of these awesome new statues!

Mike McMahon, who also sculpted the Zelda statues, has created a great Judge Dredd one that is influenced by the 2000 AD series. Fans are sure to really dig the classic look of this character. From the other comic lines we will also be seeing one based on The Goon hitting stores, which was actually a backer incentive from The Goon movie Kickstarter a few years ago! Wrapping up the comic series is a ultra-creepy statue based on the Criminal Macabre series, which has some amazing detail!

Rounding up our coverage, there were a few more great collectibles being released under the Dark Horse banner. The Legend of Korra wrapped up with an amazing series finale this past year but that doesn’t mean fan aren’t beckoning for more and more swag based on their favorite Benders! From an amazing premium Aang statue to a cute Naga plush, fans of this amazing series won’t be disappointed. For you video gamers out there, check out their spaceship models based on the Halo series! Do you love Deathdealer? Then these collectibles based on the classic Frank Frazetta painting should satisfy your death-dealing needs! Check out the cool snow globe (which would look sick filled with red “blood” colored water, along with playing cards and a coaster set!

Whether you are an old time fan of Dark Horse or new on the wagon, you’ll love the assortment of collectibles that they have to offer this year! For more information on these products and more hit up their website here!