Game of Thrones

Hello Towelites, and welcome to the official countdown to the premier of Season 3 for Game of Thrones.  10 days until HBO gives us what we’ve all been waiting for!  3/31/13

You see, we here at Don’t Forget A Towel, LOVE Game of Thrones.  It has a little of everything… the fantasy part represents the geek in us, the drama represents the more serious side, and the production quality represents our love for shows and movies.  We are so excited for this next season to begin, that we are counting down the days.

So we figured, we can count down all together.  Each day as we get closer, I’ll personally let you all in and the details of the show, the characters, the family, and the story – so when season 3 begins, you’ll know whats what!  Today I’ll go over some pointers to following the show (in case you haven’t seen it yet, feel confused, or need to pass along to friends/family who just say they’re “confused”).  And at the end, I’ll leave you with their latest extended trailer, which is awesome!

For those of you who are not aware, Game of Thrones is based on George R.R Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series.  The book is now up to its fifth volume (Game of Thrones being the title of the first in the series), and is said to be completed at 7.  It’s not only the epic story and the intriguing characters that make these books great, but Martin is a damn good writer as well.  Not to mention, he’s broken all boundaries and rules when it comes to “protagonists/antagonists”, because if you know anything about this story, its that no one is safe from death.  No one.

We have 10 days to go, so today we’ll start off with some pointers for the show (for those of you who have yet to watch it).  I like to call this GoT 101!

Welcome to the class everyone.  Lesson one?  Go watch one of the best shows out there.  This show deserves it’s fandom, and you deserve to enjoy how great it is.  If you already watch and love the show, then the following might just be an interesting point of view.  But if you have not seen it, have felt intimidated (as it can be “supposedly” confusing for those who haven’t read the book) or just need a reminder – this post is for you.  I will avoid any spoilers right here, and just focus on some facts and point of views.  So here we go.

The Land:  If you find yourself having a hard time figuring out who is from where, travelled to which place, and what land they’re planning to go to… well, here is some help.  The world of GoT is slightly similar to our earth.  I wouldn’t say even close to exact or anything, but close enough to help.  So, think of Westoros (with its 7 kingdoms) like the Americas (obviously much smaller).  The Starks, Wardens of the North, are… lets say at Wyoming, and manage everything in “North America” on behalf of the king.  King’s Landing, where the Iron Throne is, would be around the middle of the east coast of south America… lets say around Brazil.  The Wall would be the boarder against Canada, with Canada being “beyond the wall”.  Damn those Canadians (lol, I’m actually kidding.  Having gone to school in Buffalo, NY, my trips to Canada were plenty and frequent.  I love Canada).  Casterly Rock (home of the Lannisters) would be around Peru.  And across the Narrow Sea, with Bravos, Pentos and Vaes Dotherak being Europe.


So… you get the picture.  Check out the map, and make your own connecting… it makes it much easier when you need to know who is travelling where.

The Details:  I keep getting annoyed when people say they get confused.  I mean, I realize I’ve read the books and it helps, but trust me… I’m talking about this in a critical point of view.  The dialogue for this is superb.  The acting is excellent.  Here is an example, from one of the very first scenes.  A kid is shooting the bow, next to two other older boys.  An adult couple watches from above.  One leans in and tells him to concentrate “father is watching…” He looks up, and continues “… and your mother”.  This one little line shows how not only they are brothers, that the adults are the parents, and that the one speaking is obviously a bastard, as they don’t share the same mother.


The point to this is – everything is in the details.  And with the production value so amazing as it is… why miss anything.  Just pay attention, and you’ll see how deep the characters can be.

The last thing to remember is that there are two major plot lines.  One, which is the very first scene – the “evil” beyond the wall – this is what will need to be addressed.  The problem is, which is the second plot line… who will rule and unite the people against this big issue.  It is this plot line that you need to remember – it’s focused on families.  In a very Shakespearean like style, the story is all about honor, deception, power, and vengeance.  Start with recognizing the main families.  The Starks in the North, the Lannisters from the west (though occupying the Iron Throne), the Baratheons in the east and the Targeryans… well, they’re currently on the other side of the see (aka: Europe).

Character Spread for GoT

So, that’s it for today.  Below, I leave you with a brand new, EXTENDED TRAILER.  This one having more dragons, battles, and more importantly, it’s all under the soundtrack from Tron Legacy, by DAFT PUNK!  And trust me, it makes it that much more awesome.  Check it out below, and check back in tomorrow – we’ll have more pics, trailers and some info on the “History” of Game of Thrones!