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9 MORE DAYS Towelites!

9 more till HBO gives us one of the greatest shows back, Game of Thrones, for it’s 3rd glorious season – and let me tell you, as it’s based on the 3rd book (or at least the first half of it); Book 3 was my favorite.  You will be shocked when you see what happens in this one.  SHOCKED I say!

GoT 3-31

Yesterday we talked about things that could help your not-so-average viewer understand the show, and not get confused with who is where and with whom.  Today, I want to go over the “History” of this world.  And below, I have yet another TRAILER and some set pictures I think you all will love.

I will focus on the history that has been talked about and mentioned in the story so far (season’s 1 and 2).  As the story goes along, more facts get revealed, that build more depth to the world and the characters in it.  But those facts come as the story progresses, so you’ll have to wait for them like everyone else (unless you’ve read the books obviously).

Thousands of years ago, the “First Men” came to Westoros for the first time.  Think of it like Columbus invading the Americas.  The history here is long with intriguing details, but these have not been mentioned in the show yet, nor are they necessary, so we wont go into those.  But the first me establish themselves, kingdoms are created and a peace between the first menBut at some point, during the “long winter” the Whites/Others invade from the deep north.  A great was insures, men fight off the hordes back into the cold north and build The Wall to protect their kingdoms.


Now, the lands beyond the Narrow Sea (which include Bravos, Pentos, the Dothraki lands, etc) has its own huge history.  Again, not part of the story yet.  Was IS part of the story is a family bloodline, the Targaryens has gotten a hold of Dragons, and about 300 years before the show starts, they cross the sea and invade Westoros.

They conquer the kingdoms (pretty much, plus or minus some details), unite them and rule over them all.  Among those first years, the is civil war between Targaryen family members, which lead to the destruction of most of the dragons (the incest filled bloodlines obviously brought about many issue) .  The rest slowly died off or got killed as time went by, unit we reach the reign of King Aerys the 2nd, also know as the Mad King.

During his reign, Robert Baratheon is betrothed to his love, Ned Stark’s sister, Lyanna Stark.  But during a tourney, Prince Raegar (Aerys’ son) sees, falls in love with, and kidnaps Lyanna (the short story version).  Around this time, Ned marries Cat.  Meanwhile Aerys has gone crazy and paranoid (and mad with power), and begun killing people left and right.  Robert starts a rebellion, aided by his friend, Ned Stark.  They win, though Jamie Lannister – who was basically king Aerys’ bodyguard – is the one who killed the king (hence named Kingslayer).  The details of his motivation for this depends on point of view… what’s yours on Jamie?  Though Robert commands that all Targaryens be killed, it seems 2 children are “smuggled” off over the narrow sea to Pentos, unbeknownst to the king.


Robert takes the throne, Tywin Lannister marries his daughter (Cercei) off to him, in exchange of being the “financial backing” to the king – which also tied the Lannisters to the throne (clever move, Tywin… Clever move).  Tywin stays in Lannisport as Warden of the West, and Ned goes back to become Warden of the North, and brings home a bastard (Jon Snow) that he had during his war campaign with Robert.  The mystery behind John’s mother, and why Ned had been so secretive about this past, is still in question.  All I can say is, even by book 2, it seems like there is more importance to than then they gave it credit for in the show.  Maybe it’s just me though.

When Roberts “Hand” dies (John Arryn) by a unforeseen “mysterious” illness, Robert decides to go to the north and get his friend Ned to be the Hand of the King.  And that is where season 1 begins!

I may have mixed some timelines up a little (it’s been a while since I read the books), and I’ve left most of the unnecessary details out, but that’s pretty much the gist of it.

Check out some production pictures below…



King J



…and yet another awesome trailer (dubbed: Enemies).  Somehow HBO always know how to put the perfect music with their trailers!  And check in tomorrow for more updates, and a quick recap on season 1!