I have been a fan of whatever game series that Telltale Games decides to put out. It started with the Back to the Future game, continued on to The Walking Dead series, kept going with Tales from the Borderlands (review HERE), and has culminated with The Wolf Among Us. I do have to say that even though I have enjoyed everything that I’ve played previous to this, The Wolf Among Us is the best thing that they’ve ever done. I was lucky enough to be gifted a copy of the game from Telltale for this review.

fables comicI’m not sure if it’s because I’m not familiar with the source material, or that I love the idea of playing in that world of fairy tales, but the first thing that sucked me in was the story. The game is based off the popular comic book series, Fables, written by Bill Willingham and published by DC Comics’s Vertigo. It tells the story of ‘The Big Bad Wolf’ better known as Bigby by the people of Fabletown. He’s the Sheriff of the town and when the bodies start piling up, he has to team up with Snow White to solve the case of the grisly murders. If that plot doesn’t suck you in right there, don’t even bother getting the game. For the rest of you, read on.


I’m not going to go too much into spoiler territory too much, because I want you to know more about my feelings towards the game. Let’s start off with the music. The score is something that sets the tone of a video game just as much as the plot does, and it’s a character of it’s own. Jared Emerson-Johnson The-Wolf-Among-Us-Episode-2composed the soundtrack that ranges from dynamic and strange, to an almost 80s electro vibe in the opening title sequence and throughout other places throughout the gameplay.


On an equally as impressive scale are the graphics of the game. Telltale has a way of mixing cell-shading with 3D animation, and it always lends well to their titles. I think it’s why The Walking Dead, Borderlands, and now this, do so well. Being that all of them are comic book-esque, it just mixes perfectly together to bring you into an immersive world filled with story book characters from your youth brought to life.


Lets move on to the gameplay. I have to say its what really hooked me in and set it apart from the previous wolf among us woodsman fightTelltale installments. The first interaction you have in the world is a violent fight with The Woodsman from Little Red Riding Hood and it’s BRUTAL. The action was fast-paced, you got to know just how violent this world was, and it was pretty epic to see the roles reversed as Bigby was the good guy; unlike the Grimm Fairy Tale of old. As soon as that first sequence ended, you officially started the game, and were off on a journey.


Putting you in the role of a Sheriff forces you to question the motives of others, search for clues, and decide if you wanted to live up to your namesake of being The Wolf; or taking a more diplomatic route to your decisions. The choice system that’s in place for this game seemed more prevalent, as many of the things I did (especially if I took the nastier route) would get commented on and brought up on a repeat basis throughout the adventure. I was constantly reminded of what I did earlier, for good or bad.

Add all those elements together and that would be a good enough game for me; but the finishing touch was the story itself. As soon as one Episode was over, I immediately wanted to find out what was going to happen next. What new Fable would I meet? What clue would I unlock? Who was the actual killer? The game is set in a time period before the comics and playing through this game made me go out and pick up some of the collected works of the Vertigo Series because I wanted to know more!

I can’t give this series enough praise. It started off with a punch to the face, and hit me even harder by the culmination of the game. I loved stepping into the shoes of Bigby and only hope that Telltale and Vertigo figure out a way to continue with another adventure. If you’re a fan of mysteries, fairy tales, or jut amazing video games; you get all three mixed into one with The Wolf Among Us. Make sure you that you get a copy for PC, Xbox, and Playstation TODAY!