Wolfenstein: The New Order is the latest First-Person-Shooter game by publisher Bethesda Softworks, and developed by MachineGames.  Cutting straight to the point, it’s definitely worthy of playing, and one of the better FPS games to be released.  I got to check it out on the PS4, and here’s the review…

Story: The premise of the game revolves around an alternate reality, where the Nazis won the war.  The game takes place in the 60’s (20 years after the Nazi victory) and you see the totalitarian regime dominating the world, while any resistance is pretty much nonexistent (sans you and a handful of other people).  History always showed us how the Nazis tried to develop different technologies and discoveries, and it is interesting to see the “technology” that has evolved through the Nazi vision and without them being hindered or controlled by any legal issues (since they won the war).   The story is paced very well, and uncovers secrets in interesting ways, without anything feeling too forced.

Wolfenstein tech

The main character initially seems like your stereotypical beefcake marine, but you very soon start to see a very human part of him.  It’s not a sense of “macho” that keeps him going, it’s a dream of a normal life that does that, and from that you get the patriotism to flow.

All this gives the game a unique feel, and despite being a “war” game, it differs in atmosphere and style.

Visuals:  The graphics are great, and the levels differ enough amongst each one to have individual mood and atmosphere.  From Nazi office Bldgs to interment camps to underwater vessels and off-this-world bases, you get a good feel from every place you go to, and occasionally find yourself surveying the landscape as you travel around.  Walls and objects take damage and hiding behind objects is more questionable as you now need to see if the certain area is “tough” enough to protect.

Wolfenstein war

Controls: The controls are excellent for a FPS.  To start off, the “aim” is always a key point for fps, and a touchy one to get right.  There is a very specific place the gun needs to be on-screen, and how it feels when you bring it up to your eye for down the barrel aiming, and if it’s not done just right, then it feels off.  Fortunately, Wolfenstein: The New Order, does get it just right, and delves even more into than most games.  Running and sliding add more mobility options, and the ability to shoot while in a slide differentiates the pro’s from the non.  A cover bottom adds a whole new element, as it keeps your legs planted, but allows you to duck, dip and peek over ledges and around corners for more of a covered firefight.  Weapon recoil feels real, and enemy AI definitely keeps you on your toes as they hide and go around trying to surround you and surprise you.  The ability to hold dual weapons also adds more options to the gameplay, allowing you to storm in, guns blazing, should you so feel inclined to do so.

wolfenstein dual

Length:  Unfortunately, the game is not that long.  It probably took me about 10-14 hours, which is actually more than average for you regular FPS (in my opinion, anything over 8 is acceptable).  But the issue is, I was playing it on the most difficult level, and I totally spent at least a 3rd of that time playing levels over again.  Though that give the game props for making difficult actually hard (some games still seem pretty easy on hard, while this one felt near impossible at times), it also means that without the multiple attempts to clear levels the game probably only lasted around 6 – so… kind of on the short end.

Other:  Some extra’s in the menus, but nothing much  No multiplayer options either, so, outside the single game play through, and maybe one more time if you feel like going through it again, there is not much more to do in it.

wolfenstein nazi

Overall, the game is pretty fun.  I remember Wolfenstein being one of the first FPS games ever (in all it’s pixellated glory), and it’s great to see that, all these years later, the games can feel so well produced and entertaining.  If you’re into FPS games, this is a must play; but as it lacks length and extra gameplay options, you might want to try and borrow it or find it used or on sale.