We all remember the first Wolverine movie, or rather try not to. Well the James Mangold (Walk the Line) helmed “NOT A SEQUEL” The Wolverine has promised not to exploit mutants, well this may not be the case. For those hoping that this would only feature Wolverine vs Silver Samurai and some ninjas may be disappointed, we’ve already seen Viper added to the cast (not that she’s a mutant but still adding more characters to the pot). BUT alas, tying this movie into the upcoming X-Men: First Class Sequel “Days of Future Past may be GENIUS! Logan’s, GREATEST OF THE YEAR, cameo in the original First Class was one of the best parts of the movie, so the idea of the next two movies meshing into each other isn’t too far-fetched! Over the weekend, the internet was abuzz with rumors of an image found online that was similar to the logo used for the ‘Jean Grey School for Gifted Mutants’, the institution (in the comics) that Logan starts up to continue Xaviar’s legacy. Later, it was reported that this was merely a pic from the upcoming Great Gatsby movie. Strangly enough, geeks make connections like this without thinking it through, I would have guessed that the image would have been tied to the First Class sequel in relation to some kinda time warp brought on by Sentinelized future events, but what do I know? All of this could be a ruse, but it is confirmed that the image is within the Great Gatsby trailer. But with the success of Marvel Studios Phase One, Fox might just take a hint and we just may see a superhero team-up between the two flicks. A geek can dream right?! Snikt!

Stay tooned 😛