Writer Kieron Gillen has promised to tell the story that gaps the first Origin story to how Wolverine became the savage warrior that we know him as today. Look for Wolverine: Origin II to hit stands this Holiday season! Look for it with special acetate motion cover!

Wolverine: Origin II by Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert Acetate Cove. Avail 12/24

Wolverine Origin 2 motion cover


While the acetate cover proves an enticing lure, Kubert looks forward to readers getting past it and enjoying the exciting work he, Gillen and their collaborators have in store for Wolverine in ORIGIN II:

[It is] an awesome story by a great creative team firing on all cylinders—and I’m totally including editorial. We’re trying things that have simply not been done before.” -Adam Kubert

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Stay tooned 😛


 Marvel Wolverine Origin 2 cover