This movie is a perfect example that women should belong in the kitchen, barefoot and having the husband bring home the bacon……..WHAT!!!!!  Did you see that film?  Holy Christmas!!!  OMG!!!!!!  WOW!!!!  These are only a few expressions that I can only describe about this film.  I have many, many more.  We know that Wonder Woman can match wits with muscle against the best like Superman, Batman, and any other superhero out there.  What we don’t know is that she can be vulnerable and innocent like any human.  

The casting of Gal Gadot as the Amazonian Princess is perfect.  Watching her in the Fast and Furious films, I can understand why the director Patty Jenkins wanted her.  Her personality and the way she carries herself personifies strength, beauty, and innocence.  Her introduction into the real world is hilarious and entertaining to watch.  Her co-star Chris Pine who plays Captain Steve Trevor is a perfect match both comedically and dramatically.  Every actor from the adorable British secretary Etta Candy, who is played brilliantly by Lucy Davis, to the antagonist Gen Erich Ludendorff, played by the great Danny Huston, help sculpt this story into a magnificent movie.

Some of the recognizable items that we know are shown in this film.  For example, the Lasso of Hestia (Lasso of Truth), and the red, blue outfit that Wonder Woman wears when she goes to battle.  The contemporary style of the outfit is pleasing and logical for this time of period.  It still honors the symbol and message of what it stands for, while giving it a more warrior feel; not to mention Gal looks pretty awesome in it.

The connection between Diana and Steve is another reason why this movie work so well.  Chris Pine who plays Steve Trevor does a great job trying to help Diana understand what the outside world is like, but sometimes falls on his face because her sheltered view of the outside world gets in the way.  

It is rather comical watching them go at it, but their strength in character and their fight for what is right is very much in sync.  Their love for each other goes beyond sexual, and yes she is extremely sexy especially in that outfit, but she has a deep respect and admiration for him, despite the fact that he is a man.  

The action scenes are spectacular! It is like watching a female version of Captain America. Her use of the lasso, sword, and shield, plus her god like strength is amazing.  When she first comes out of the trenches from the battlefront with that sword and shield, the scene is very intense and great to watch.  The fighting choreography is great and very well executed.  Gal Gadot is a force to be reckoned with when she shows off her skills and athletic physique during the fight scenes.

Even though the film is an introduction of Diana, a.k.a.  Wonder Woman to the audience, the harsh reality she walks into with the ugliness of World War I as the Germans and the Ottoman Empire drive their world domination agenda across Europe, is a pivotal point the director wanted to convey; everything is not all sunshine and rainbows like Themyscira.   Danny Huston who plays Gen Erich Ludendorff is the main antagonist who is hell bent on crushing the Allied Forces and laying waste across the continent.  I love Huston as an actor because he has this way of hating him and loving him at the same time.  His portrayal of the character determined on destroying and ruling everything is ruthless and extremely entertaining.  However there is a twist in the end of the film that I will not disclose because it will ruin the surprise, but it is worth the wait.

Director Patty Jenkins does a fantastic job bringing the story to life with great action sequences, terrific dramatic moments, very cool costumes and battle armor, and a wonderful casting of the lead role.  She respected the image of the Amazonian Princess turned superheroine and acclimates her into the modern world for all of us to enjoy.  I can’t wait until the sequel!

I give this film four and a half out of five movie stubs.