Wonder Woman is the last piece of the Trinity puzzle that has not made a modern day appearance. Tracking back, the Linda Carter days were the last outing the Amazonian princess had and its about time someone had a serious go at it. The failed NBC and David Kelly project was the last we heard of anyone “attempting” this feat of Zeus, but there is buzz on the interwebs. Apparently, Warner Bros and the CW have decided that with the early fan approval for the Green Arrow adaptation, “Arrow”, that they showed off at SDCC this year, fans are ready to keep exploring the origins of OTHER comic characters through the magic of their televisions. Allan Heinberg is in talks to script the project, he wrote a little book called Young Avengers, one of my favorite Marvel titles of all time, and also did some writing for The O.C. and Grey’s Anatomy as well, so good talent news there. The idea is to set the story before Diana becomes Wonder Woman and joins the Justice League, even before she met Steve Trevor; I’m sure he will make it to the show eventually anywho. Also, the success of Brian Azzarello’s current run on the Wonder Woman comic, for DC’s the New(ish) 52, has been more than ultra-successful, actually being hailed as one of the greatest Wonder Woman works of all time!  If there was ever a time it’s now. So DC fans, let’s see how Arrow pans out and then we will know how accepting audiences really are. Just look at the success of Smallville, it took one of the most popular heroes of all time and ‘grounded’ him in a realistic (mostly) story and it lasted nearly a decade.

Stay tooned 😛