This is it folks, patch 5.04 is live, and sweeping changes have been made, the talent system as we once knew is now no more, Prime Glyphs and head enchants have been removed, dungeons have been retooled, classes reworked and much more. All in all the game has been streamlined, removing pointless talents, and many new ease of use features have been implemented!

The download is a whopping 21GB, so unless you have been using Blizzards background downloader lately expect a little bit of a wait time before it finishes!

The wonderful folks over at Wowhead have put together a 5.0.4 patch survival guide, so hop over there and take a lot at all of the changes in detail, there’s a lot of changes and if you haven’t been keeping up with new lately you may be shocked!

Don’t forget that Mists of Pandaria hits on September 25th!

Check back with us at DFAT a towel later this week for some hands on impressions with how the new class system feels!