Playing games of any kind is always a fun, stress-busting activity to waste an afternoon on. Sometimes though, especially when the responsibilities are piling up, it can be hard to find time to dedicate towards playing them, and if you do, it’s hard to shake the feeling of ‘I could have been more productive today.’

Never fear though! If you have any time for recreation in your busy schedule, you needn’t feel guilty about indulging in a little playtime. This list, showing the best games that you  feel guilty playing, aims to prove that.

All of these games can be played through a smartphone.

Narrative Games

A narrative game could be likened to a light, experiential modern novel. This is due to the fact that video games aren’t held to the same constraints that books, movies or even music are held to. They can incorporate the strengths of all three to more impactfully deliver their message. Now the video game industry has exploded to huge proportions, more and more talent is finding its way to the production of interesting content with something real to say.

There are now video games that toy with expectations, can educate you on world history, or can ask you to make decisions that encourage you self-examining what direction you’d take, in a situation you’re unlikely to encounter in real life. Games that demand an intellectual investment like this are games that are worth playing.

Art Games

As with narrative games, art gaming experiences might not necessarily use a narrative to make their point, but instead try to flip your expectations as to what you think a video game should look like. In fact, determining them as ‘games’ might be an incorrect way to think of them. These ‘digital experiences’ can help you look at the world in a new light, as is the purpose of art from most historical periods.

Educational Games

Some game experiences, whether big budget or mobile, are simply informative, or can help you develop cognitive skills. Completing a set of puzzles every morning can help stimulate your critical thinking abilities, and that’s an excellent way to set you up for the day. Some video games offer a breadth of encyclopedic knowledge about certain subjects, and that can be helpful in even the most unexpected of situations.

Casino Games

Casino games are great fun, provided you’re responsible. Playing a hand of poker with your friends or relaxing with a game of bingo can pad your wallet for the weekend if you’re lucky. Why not review Foxy Bingo after to share your experience? Game reviewing communities might just introduce you to another experience you’ll love.

Rhythm Games

Rhythm games, downloaded through a mobile app, can help you improve your reactivity times and ability to increase your ability to act without hesitation. The best part about these games is that they don’t need progress saving, so you can pick up and play at any time, if you’re waiting in a queue or are stuck in a busy commute.