Who isn’t a fan of the 90’s animated X-Men series?! Well Joel Furtado is showing off his fandom by attempting to put out an 18 episode animated series called X-Men: Danger Room Protocols which blends the classic cartoon with retro video game look. While this looks really cool and all, there is always the chance that Fox and Marvel will come down on the project due to copyright infringement. But hey not like Marvel even wants to admit what a mutant is these days…. Good luck Joel!


X-Men: Danger Room Protocols and the following presentation is in no way affiliated with Marvel or Fox Studios. Characters remain the property and copyright of their respective owners.This is a fan series intended for private use only and not a commercial product.

Created by: Joel Furtado
Sound Design and Musical Arrangement by: Terence Mazon and Ariana Bliek
Music Mixed by: Eugene Chong
Original Theme Music by: Ron Wasserman

X-Men: Danger Room Protocols is an all new animated web series featuring your favorite characters from the ‘90s comics and cartoons. All new episodes airing every two weeks!

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