After the announcement of X-Men: Apocalypse, mutant movie lovers went nuts, myself included! As always Bryan Singer loves to keep the fans in tune to what’s happening on his X-Men projects and he has taken to Twitter with a new image!

Bryan Singer ‏@BryanSinger9h

Late night #XMen #Apocalypse story session. #SimonKinberg @DanimalHarris @Mike_Dougherty It’s snowing in Egypt!

X men apocalypse

Check out who is joining the writing team for X-Men: ApocalypseX2 writers Mike Dougherty and Dan Harris will be joining Singer and Simon Kinberg as they put the script together for the highly anticipated movie!

But don’t forget that next year a little film called Days of Future Past hits theaters. Bryan Singer’s triumphant return to the directors chair is highly anticipated as he resurrects the franchise from the ashes of X-Men: The Last Stand. What I am looking forward to the most in the film will be the different timelines that the movie will take place during and also seeing all of the actors who have portrayed the characters in their different incarnations. Below you will find a video interview with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, courtesy of the WSJ, in which the duo talk about their return to the roles of Magneto and Prof X, but deny any knowledge of the upcoming sequel. This leads me to believe that after DOFP the younger stars (Fassbender and McAvoy) will be taking over the roles permanently.  Also below you’ll find a couple of new images from the magazine Studio Cine Live, featuring a good look at Wolverine’s costume for the film, a full shot of Bishop, and Mystique, also thrown in there are some old highlights just to make things interesting!

Photos via: 20th Century Fox

X-Men Days of Future Past is scheduled to hit theaters on May 23rd 2014 and Apocalypse is scheduled for release in 2016, so keep it tooned here to DFAT for breaking news on the mutant features!


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