Not since 1982’s God Loves, Man Kills by legendary X-scribe Chris Claremont,  has there been a release of an original X-Men graphic novel. But now after the events of Battle of the Atom, writer Mike Carey and artist Salvador Larroca are ready to launch the next step in the evolution of mutantkind in X-Men No More Humans. The events of House of M and Decimation still haunt the lives of the X-Men and all mutants as they were almost extinguished. But what happens when the tables are turned and it’s the humans who disappear, including high-profile ones like The Avengers and Fantastic Four? “The stakes, for mutants and humans alike, couldn’t be higher! This is a story about who gets to inherit the world and what the cost of that victory might be.”, the writer describes in an interview with USA TODAY, of the direction his story will take. Also the graphic novel gives Carey a different storytelling format that allows him to deliver the story on a level that the normal comic book release schedule doesn’t allow. Expect to see many of your favorite and familiar X heroes and villains take center stage, but also some new faces just recently introduced to the world. Raze who first appeared as an antagonist in Battle of the Atom, who is Wolverine and Mystique’s son in the future will have a big role to play in the upcoming story, Carey says that, “As far as he’s (Raze) concerned, everything that happens in our time is established and well-documented history. That gives him a terrific edge, and we see him putting it to harrowing use. We also get to see him interacting with his mother and father. It’s not a warm and cuddly family dynamic, sadly.”  Carey also promises the return of a classic character that has not been around for a long time,  “who comes late to the scene but changes everything in a single panel”. So what do you think Towelites? Are you excited to get your hands on this book? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think of the current state of the X-verse!

X-Men No more HumansVia: USA Today


X-Men No More Humans will presented in a 128 page hardcover edition and is due out on May 7th, 2014!

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